The Socialist Correspondent exposes capitalism and promotes socialism. Supporters of capitalism said that the end of the Cold War would mean peace and growing prosperity but the opposite has happened. The world is now a much more dangerous place since the defeat of the Soviet Union, leaving the US and other capitalist countries relatively free to exert their power. Following western wars of aggression, regime change and the so-called ‘War on Terror’ there has been an increase in instability, terrorism, human migration, hunger and poverty. The economic crash was a result of Bankers' greed and now a decade later nothing has changed. Working people were made to pay for the crash and are now worse off - capitalism intends to keep making them pay.

The mainstream capitalist media do everything to hide the truth about history and current events. They claim to be impartial reporters but the view of the world they present is always in the interests of their paymasters. The Socialist Correspondent attempts to get to the truth behind events. Using Marxist principles, it shines a light on those responsible for war, terrorism and exploitation and reports and analyses the struggles of working people across the globe. The Socialist Correspondent is partisan. It unashamedly supports those fighting for peace, justice and socialism.    

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US and Israel attack the UN and international law
Israel has long defied international law and has been repeatedly censured by the United Nations, which has also supported the Palestinians. As the genocide in Gaza continues, Palestinians are now the front line of defence for international law and the United Nations as its institutional expression. The west does not talk about international law, but rather the rules based order – by which it means its rules and its order. Whilst the United Nation has not always been progressive – the security council has an inbuilt western bias – yet it has always been an arena of struggle for anti-imperialist forces. South Africa’s bold move taking Israel to the International Court of Justice has proved a rallying call for supporters of Palestine and upholding the international law which Israel flaunts. Seeing the danger of the UN becoming a real force to counter western aggression Israel and the US have launched attacks on UN institutions, especially those which offer practical support to the Palestinians, like UNRAW. The global south, South Africa and the Palestinians are taking the lead in defending international legal norms from the west.
Ukraine war gets even more dangerous
Politically and economically the war in Ukraine is becoming less sustainable, with no sign that pouring more arms in is bringing Ukraine any closer to winning and every sign that it is losing. However, the mantra of western politicians remains that “Ukraine must win”. This has led to talk of dangerous escalation, like sending more advanced weaponry and NATO committing boots on the ground (more than the small number it already has). Desperation in Kiev and among Ukraine’s western backers is making the situation more volatile. Competing interests with the US and within Europe are complicating matters further and making a negotiated end to the war seem distant.
Anniversary of the miners' strike - Orgreave 40 years of injustice
The miners' strike of 1984-85 demonstrated the power of the state acting in the interests of capital and against working people as jobs and mining communities were destroyed. That state power was no where more evident than the systematic attack on picketing miners at Orgreave with many injured and imprisoned. There were meticulous plans formulated by the government and the police to crush the miners. Orgreave became the blueprint for the policing of dissent and sent a harsh message to working class people that strike action would be met by the full force of the state. 40 years later those falsely arrested and injured are still waiting to see justice.

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